Monday, December 7, 2009

Movie Monday at Eric Martin Pavilion

6:30 pm Monday 7 December 2009
The Living Museum, 1998, 78 min
with a presentation by the Pandora Arts Collective and Yuri Arajs

The Living Museum is an art community in a downsized New York mental institution (Creedmoor Psychiatric Center) where every inch of the 40,000 square foot space is treated like a canvas. The Living Museum illuminates the life and work of artists who are patients and graduates of the Creedmoor. Dr. Janos Marton, charismatic director co-founder and seven of his patients/artists illustrate how it works and how art can be so necessary in the lives of many who are "afflicted " with mental illness.
Jessica Yu

By Academy Award winning filmmaker Jessica Yu (who transferred the film to DVD just for us!) The project is still, after 15 years, very much alive in NY, as our art programs are threatened. more and also see

"In the Living Museum, people are able to express themselves, to create something worthwhile - it's like going to a job. Karen Schechter, the Director of Community Relations, is part of an administration that is uniquely sensitive to and supportive of the artists in their midst. Recognizing how important an expressive outlet is for the recovery process, art is integrated into rehabilitation at Creedmoor. It is an important part of the treatment plans for both inpatients and outpatients."

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